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Post-Pregnancy Belly Band

Post-Pregnancy Belly Band

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The Post-Pregnancy Belly Band is specifically crafted to aid in the slimming and support of your belly, waist, and hips after childbirth. Drawing inspiration from the time-honored tradition of postpartum belly binding, we have reimagined and adapted this ancient practice to cater to the needs of contemporary mothers

Attain your desired appearance and experience the utmost satisfaction in your postpartum journey because when you deliver, so do we!

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  • Lower back pain relieve
  • Provides comfort after C-section
  • Facilitate movement, enabling a faster return to your regular daily routines.
  • Enhance the strength of core muscles that may have been weakened during pregnancy, providing particular assistance if you have experienced abdominal separation, commonly known as diastasis recti.
  • Supports your belly, waist, hips and encourages better posture.

No more pain

Posture and Back Pain

PaiDuring pregnancy, the sacroiliac (SI) joint, responsible for pelvis stabilization, naturally loosens to accommodate hip widening for childbirth. However, this can lead to persistent lower back pain and discomfort that extends into the postpartum phase, as the joints and muscles haven't fully regained stability. Maintaining proper posture becomes challenging during this period due to reduced core strength and stability.

Wearing a high-quality postpartum support garment has proven effective in assisting mothers with maintaining good posture. It provides abdominal support, aligns the lower back correctly, and alleviates back pain. As you gradually resume your daily activities, incorporating a postpartum compression garment can serve as an excellent aid for back support, helping you establish healthy movement habits such as sitting and standing with proper spinal alignment.

Wear at any time of the day

When to Wear The Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Support Band

Postpartum compression garments, specifically designed to offer pelvic floor support (excluding shapewear garments, waist trainers, abdominal binders, or postpartum corsets), can be worn from two weeks after giving birth until approximately four months postpartum (We recommend a minimum of 4-6 hours per day). This recommendation applies to both first-time mothers and those who have experienced multiple childbirths.

It is advisable to wear a postpartum support garment while engaging in activities such as caring for and feeding your newborn, performing household chores, walking, or whenever you require additional back support. Unlike post-pregnancy belly wraps or postpartum recovery belts, a genuine postpartum recovery garment provides comprehensive support to your entire midsection rather than focusing solely on the belly.

Why You Might Need Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Support Band

During the initial weeks following childbirth, the core muscles necessitate added support and tender loving care as they gradually recover. The ligaments and connective tissues, which expanded and loosened during pregnancy, are now starting to contract and regain firmness. At the same time, your organs and abdominal muscles are readjusting to their pre-pregnancy positions.

Utilizing Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Support Band compression aids in supporting these restorative processes without exerting undue pressure on the pelvic floor. As you adapt to your new role as a mother, your daily routine can take a toll on your body, and a postpartum girdle can be beneficial in stabilizing joints, reducing swelling, and enhancing mobility.

Furthermore, it provides the necessary back support to encourage proper posture, preventing the common issue of a hunched back often experienced during breastfeeding and caring for a newborn.